white nationalists vs EVERYBODY

Wealthy, white right wing men, and the dangerous idiots that support them, will not stop until everything you love is reduced to ashes.
There’s Black vs white and rich vs poor, but if you want to be all the way real, in America, it’s white nationalists vs EVERYBODY!!

White nationalism is America's cancer. The ideology of these death merchants extends from the obvious to the subtle. This episode touches on some of it's insidious, hate-based effects with regards to housing inequalities.

Jim Crow

Who is Jim Crow? What are Jim Crow laws? What does blackface have to do with it? What do Jim Crow laws have to do with today?

Rando 1

This is a random episode. I explain inside.

There's a theme to the episode, but that's for you to discover.


Trail of Tears

By the end of this episode, you will know what the Trail of Tears is, why it was named that, where it happened, why it happened, what it was like to experience and why the right wing is not to be trusted - whether it's the 1800s or today.

Want to save America?

Identify who's destroying it and STOP THEM!!
It's white nationalists vs EVERYBODY!!

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